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Darksuburb/About The Band

About The Band

About The Band

Dark suburb is an Afro rock band built on a concept of the Alkebulanian (African) masquerade culture and the skeleton. A social development concept of the deprived (dark suburbs of society) evolving their own opportunities through art and culture. The band seeks to be a voice for the deprived (urban slum dwellers and rural poor), addressing issues of poverty, corruption, peace and unity through their music, story telling and art form and taking action by investing in projects and programs that stimulate community development with the deprived themselves. The skeletal image used is a symbol of unity; a reminder that despite our various differences we have the most basic thing in common, the skeleton.

Dark suburb is a band that has a profound social development agenda through music and related arts, and carry out projects targeted at stimulating self-led community development starting with our immediate environment.

The band is made up of seven characters inspired by African legends, and we are about to take you on an endless African rock music and story telling experience.

The African undead have been brought back for a social justice and developmental mission under the supervision of the angel of death, Maut. You never know where they take their rock awesomeness next.

The skeleton legends and masquerades of Alkebulan (Africa) exist in a world where everything is possible (virtual world, as it is some sort of virtual band) and they intend to infect the world with this mentality. These ancient heroes are;

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Maut: He is the handler of the masquerades who are undead and obviously because He is the angel of death.

Kankan Bizin: A twin spirit embodied in one, the front man of darksuburb is inspired by the combination of the spirit of Kankan musa kieta of the old Mali empire and Bizin son of Naa Zangyina of the dagomba kingdom of present day northern Ghana.

Samorytoure: on lead guitar. Character inspired by ancient colonialism resistor.

Akhenaten:  On keys. Character inspired by Egyptian king Akhenaton revolutionary and husband of Nefertiti.

Shaka Zulu:On drums. Character inspired by Shaka Zulu of South Africa.

Khama: On Bass. Character inspired by chief Khama 111 a.k.a the good chief of ancient Botswana.

Shamba:On rhythm guitar. Character inspired by shamba Bolongongo a.k.a chief of peace of ancient congo.

Alfanso:On Drums. Character inspired by Afonso 1 Mvemba a Nzinga of Kongo kingdom.

Our sound

Our sound is alternative rock; more specifically Afro rock as most people would describe it, due to the fusion of native sound elements and melodies and themes across Africa. We have 5 instrumentalists in the band typically, and when a show requires, we bring the whole “graveyard” which our stage is called, this includes our masquerade, ghost dancers’ ensemble with many native African instruments like the xylophone and native drums. Our songs are also laced with strong social messages that are incorporated in our videos and sometimes stage performances.

Mission Statement

Creating our own opportunities, through creativity and bridging the gap, between the disadvantaged and the privileged through arts and culture.

Vision Statement

Achieving a socially just environment, that allows everyone to achieve their full potentials socio-economically, through arts and culture. We dream of a world where the underprivileged will be useful to the privileged and vice versa, where everyone is human first under God.